In Kosho the left hand represents Spiritual and the right hand represents Physical. This plays a key role in the positioning of the hands in each posture. Each Hand Symbol has three different representations. These representations are very specifically ordered in the progression that the practitioner should use to resolve conflict with an opponent. If you look at the mon of Kosho you will also notice that a practitioner should start with the top symbol and work clockwise through the symbols using all the first representations first, then the second, and finally the third if necessary.

Kigan (Praying Hands)

First Representation: Right and left hands are placed together for peace and avoidance of conflict.
Second Representation: Escaping arts
Third Representation: Skeletal Striking

Kaishu (Open Hands)

First Representation: Right hand and the left hand are placed in the shape of mountain. Look for the good in people, as you would see a mountain from a distance, without flaws and imperfections.
Second Representation: Folding arts.
Third Representation: Internal Strikes.

Hoken (Covered Fist)

First Representation: The right hand is covered by the left hand. One should avoid conflict and hide his/her weapons.
Second Representation: Muscular strikes.
Third Representation: Total Domination.